Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA)

Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA) invests in grassroots women’s leadership to drive solutions to our most pressing ecological concerns – water, food, land, and climate.

Our work is not charity. Instead, we link women who are already established as community leaders with the resources, trainings, funding, and partnerships they need to build self-reliant, environmentally sustainable, and healthy communities. WEA believes that when women thrive, communities, the environment, and future generations thrive.

We foresee a world in which women powerfully participate in the development of global sustainability—thereby reducing poverty, encouraging democracy, promoting peace, and enhancing the social and environmental health of the planet.

WEA Intro video: Unlocking the Future
Can you imagine this reality? Lets build it together.

Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA): An Introduction
WEAs new intro video is here! Thanks to Dirty Robber Productions, Gayatri Roshan, Global Oneness Project, and Julia Butterfly Hill.

WEA Gala Video–Unseen Productions

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