Welcome to Earth Our Green Arts District Home

“Earth – Our Green Arts District Home”

Earth Our Green Arts District Home
Our Vision
“Our world of pristine beauty of nature”

Our Mission
“Co-creating together in harmony with the pristine beauty of nature”

Social Innovation
Combining ‘Art‘ and ‘Culture‘ (culture is the art of living – the way we live);
with Sustainability for our planet (our earth’s bio-systems);
and Sustainability for ourselves and each other (our human support systems).
Earth Our Green Arts District Home
Networking together with communities, through local grassroots actions of self-sufficiency, social entrepreneurship, renewable energies, and environmentally-friendly living.

As we all to do our part in whatever ways we can, making a difference in our communities, working for the common good.

Together with other individuals, groups and organizations, we are seeking to help solve societal issues of our planet’s environs effectively and sustainably, by innovating relevant ways to create social change, add value, make a difference, and impact our world for the betterment of humanity and all living species.

For We are United Together by the Life Force of Our Earth Home We Depend on for Sustainability.

The overall issue is (Be)Cause
Our way of life – not living in harmony with nature, and with one another.

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