RePlayGround by Tiffany Threadgould

About RePlayGround

RePlayGround is a place that brings scrap materials back to life, turning garbage into new, and showing you how to do it.

Abut Tiffany Threadgould

Tiffany Threadgould has been reusing materials since she was a kid. She is an eco-lifestyle expert who raises awareness recycling garbage with easy do-it-yourself solutions.

Tiffany’s philosophy on upcycling prompted the New York Times and Make magazine to deem her “the Martha Stewart of Garbage.”

Tiffany began with an MFA in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute, and now hones her upcycling know how as Head Design Junkie at the mega recycling company Terracycle.

ReMake CD jewel cases into a lamp! With Tiffany Threadgould!

ReMake your own necktie cell phone case! With Tiffany Threadgould!

NBC Media featuring Tiffany on upcycling

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Tiffany Threadgould recycles an o.j. container into a basket

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