Ecovillage Network of the Americas


To engage the peoples of North America in common effort to join the global transformation towards an ecologically, economically, and culturally sustainable future.
ENA is one of now 5 regions of the Global Ecovillage Network (along with CASA, GEN-Europe, GEN-Africa and GEN Ocean & Asia).
ENA works to unite ecovillages from North America to become a unified force in the sustainability movements.
Primary Objectives

To promote and nurture new and existing ecovillages in North America.
To network ecovillages with each other, sharing resources and practices, and coordinating collaborative activities.
To promote the understanding and use of ways of living in harmony with each other and the Earth through the research, development and demonstration of sustainable living strategies.
To share the work and inspiration of the ecovillage movement with society at large through demonstration projects, educational programs, networking conferences and meetings with government and other organizations.