Earn Money for your Favorite Charity by Collecting Trash

TerraCycle is on a mission to eliminate the idea of waste. We do this by creating waste collection programs (each one is called a “Brigade”) for previously non-recyclable, or difficult-to-recycle, waste. The collected waste is then converted into new products, ranging from recycled park benches to upcycled backpacks.

Points Program Overview

For years, we’ve paid $0.02 to the charity or school of your choice for each qualified piece of waste you’ve sent to TerraCycle. While the cash payment option remains available to you, we’ve now added a number of additional ways to reward you and your team for your collections. Each TerraCycle Collection Location has been automatically enrolled in our Points Program. For each qualified piece of waste you send to TerraCycle, we award your Location’s account with 2 TerraCycle points. Those two points can still be redeemed for a $0.02 payment to the charity or school of your choice, or you can select from a range of charity gifts (from providing meals or planting trees to protecting endangered lands, gifting farm animals or providing fresh drinking water).

We think you will find the new points system easy and inspiring. You have complete flexibility to choose cash payments to the charity or school of your choice, to redeem points for charity gifts or to redeem some points for cash payments to charities of your choice and some points for charity gifts. With over 90,000 collection locations and over 15 million people participating around the world (and growing), we believe the collective impact of this program will be significant. Over time, we’ll add additional charity gift options and new features to the Points Program.

The program is now in effect and any shipments received by TerraCycle since November 1st (the beginning of the current six month accounting period) have been converted to points that can be redeemed at any time.

TerraCycle Points Program

You can redeem all or some of your collection location’s points here by choosing from a variety of charity gifts listed below. You can also learn more about the points program or our charity partners.

Provide Resources

Redeem points to provide meals to hungry Americans, or to build wells to provide drinking water for people throughout the world who lack access to clean water.

Protect the Environment

Redeem points to preserve wildlife land, offset carbon in the atmosphere, or plant trees.

End Poverty

Redeem points to given a baby chicken, goose or honey bees to a family in need.

Provide Education

Redeem points to give school supplies to a homeless child.

TerraCycle Product Bundles

Redeem points for TerraCycle Products! Use our eco-friendly products to clean your house and office, or to maintain your garden. You can even provide your students with eco-friendly school supplies!

Help Sandy Hook Elementary

Redeem a small portion of your TerraCycle points directly to Sandy Hook Elementary to help their school community recover.

Collection Materials

Redeem your TerraCycle points for materials to help with your TerraCycle collections.

Donate to your designated charities

Redeem points at $0.01 per point (2 cents per waste unit) paid to your designated charity or school.

To see it on TerraCycle website and start earning money for your charity, school, or any other project: