About the Alliance for Strategic Sustainable Development

The Alliance for Strategic Sustainable Development (www.alliance‐ssd.org) here presents a program to employ and develop further a unifying Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD).

Key elements of the FSSD are:

      a robust principled definition of social and ecological sustainability for the global civilization,
      logical guidelines by which any planning project, sector, organization, or region can put itself in context of the large-scale sustainability definition, and
    logical guidelines for how to systematically become part of the solution in a stepwise manner that will improve the bottom line conditions for financial returns.

The FSSD approach offers effective management of system boundaries and trade‐offs. It makes sustainable resource potentials for various technical systems calculable and possible to model and simulate. It also offers a possibility for scientists to cooperate more effectively, not only with each other across disciplines, but also with Mayors, CEO’s, Policy‐makers and other decision makers across sectors, regions, value‐chains and stake‐holder groups. It guides selection, development and combination of concepts, methods, tools and management systems. It makes it possible to prevent damages, even from yet unknown problems, to reduce costs and to capture innovation possibilities.